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Ladies and Gentlemen of the community of Anchorage. I want to to tell you about a business in Anchorage that is doing unethical business practices to their employees, and the community.

This place is called the Barratt Inn which is also known as the Barratt House Transitional living Facility. Mr Chung Choe and Mrs Sunny Lee who are both married and have spouses of their own also lead separate lives away from their family by secretly have an affair with each other. Mr. Chung Choe owns the Barratt Inn property and MRS.

SUNNY IS HIS LOVER PARTNER AND IS ALSO THE OWNER OF THE BARRATT HOUSE TRANSITIONAL LIVING FACILITY. Let's start with the logistics and go on from their. On 8/29/2016, Mr Chung Choe recieved his notice of foreclosure from his former partner, who still owns the property Mr. Alex of the Alex Hotel, in Anchorage, because he had not been paying Mr.

Alex what he owed him on the property. Mrs. Sunny Lee who has no idea how much debt Mr. Chung Choe is in has let Mr.

Chung Choe borrow over $600.000.00 to try and get him out of debt and in return Mr. Choe gave her part of the business. Here is stumble block one... Mr.

Chung's business and property is already owned y 49% to another well known individual in Anchorage who i promised to keep his name quiet for this information. Yep how can you give away a business that not totally yours.... It's called fraud. their is so much more but I'm just reporting the short facts.

So going on, Mrs. Sunny turns one part of the Barratt House into a transitional living facility and houses people getting out of jail with hotel guest. Some guy spear headed this whole thing with the intention of helping them become debt free in about a year. I talked to him along with investigators about this.

This guy came into help them out and turn something from nothing. The Barratt House Transitional Living Facility. I tell you more as the story goes on. During this he had no idea that the property was up for foreclosure.

From what I understand or at least what he is telling me. Going further, he said he built the Barratt House from the ground up and once it was starting to run good, they slandered him and forced him out, and refused to pay him, to let another company come in and take over management. Now from what I understand, the other new company does not know that the property is in foreclosure right now and Mr. Choe is refusing to tell them.

See where the trend is going. Mr. Choe and Sunny, who are committing adultery on their spouses are also committing adultery on the business community on Spenard. it hasn't got interesting just yet but it's going to.

So moving on, The Barratt House or Barratt Inn, what ever you want to call it, tomatoe or toma'toe, has a ruthless past of treating their employees wrong and have several accusations against them of them not paying their employees. Maybe it's because they are broke... You think... But to the community and to everyone else they are doing well...

it's all a big joke and scam to get people to do something for them for free or barrow money from people and never pay them back... Mr. Choe and Mrs. Sunny Lee appear to up standing and honest citizens but in reality, they are *** artist stealing money from friends, family, co-worker, employees and even themselves from what I understand.

They accuse everyone else of taking from them but in all reality, they are the real culprits taking from each other and their friends, family, and employees. So now the News is they are going to secretly shut down the Barratt House without telling the New company of their intentions and bring in another investor who is promised to bring in Job Corp kids who have gotten in trouble and now in recovery or trying to get their lives straight... Now are they going to keep the hotel open and let guest stay their also... Probably.

Meanwhile they will milk this bridge of income until it's gone and get rid of him also without notice. Very crude business people... What got me is these people, Mr. Chung Choe and Sunny Lee are Koreans and from my studies in the Korean Culture, they are supposed to be very stand up business people...

These two bandits are just the opposite. They are criminal... So not only, in order to cheat on their spouses, they have teamed up to cheat the community of Anchorage and let me tell you, Mr. Chung Choe is one suave and cunning *** artist.

To me he can sweet talk the sugar out of sugar at a distance to get you to do what he wants. he got Mrs. Sunny Lee fool from what I understand and everyone he takes money from in order to pay for his big beautiful house in Washington State...

Yes he doesn't even live here in Alaska, but we trust him... I will be reporting more once I get more about these two bandits.

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to AnonymousAnchorage1 #1467354

Sunny is known as a very violent woman even if she might not seem like one. She has gotten in multiple fights at the barrat inn hotel, including with a bartender and Mr Choi's wife.

Sunny punched her bartender's face and pulled her hair and threw her on the ground and tables. She is so full of herself with a bunch of fantasies stuck in her head where she can only be the woman in the entire world.

She has to have all the attention from every single guy. That is the definition of an attention ***

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